Personal training: Core Dynamics method

Finding a balance between leisure time, work, eating habits and training will give you the key to a high quality life.  Why choose B4L above fitness, aerobics or Pilates? The objective for Core Dynamics training is activating major muscles of the whole body, in order to create a high level of energy. It will also enable you to maximize your personal energy level. At the same time the digestion will speed up, and, if the aim of the training is to loose weight, this guarantees effective results.

Core training is injury-free. It improves bad posture within a short time. The attention in training goes to working with your own body weight, with special emphasis to the stomach, spine and buttocks areas, in order to improve their cooperation and strength.

Stretching and activating stabilization muscles are an essential part of this unique way of training.

Sadly enough I have to admit that the US is light-years away from Europe when it comes to personal training. We are passively waiting for and following their ideas and concepts. I refuse to wait, and have chosen a proactive approach instead: by observing and analyzing the trends around me I develop new exercises and improve the old ones to target them to specific problem areas. Better to be effective and efficient, that is my vision.

Why are the results of core training so effective?

You need to understand 2 issues when you want to get a permanent result quickly:

  1. If you activate all important muscles and the whole body in a natural and targeted way, your organs will also be activated.
  2. If you begin with building up the weakest parts of your body, you can continue with a solid basis for your own specific training goal

The society is changing and we are changing with it. Busy daily life leaves little room for anything other than work. Yet we dream constantly of free time, of quality time. To invest 200% into work is not enough for us any more.  Our aim is to be energetic, with positive charisma and attitude, to enjoy life, to keep our heart young and to remain fit as long as possible.

What is the biggest advantage of core training?

Whatever the specific goal of the client is, core training forms a basis for the complete change: the change will not only be physical, but also mental and social. Core training will lead you to a complete life changing experience.

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