Expats Amsterdam

There are a lot of expats in Amsterdam. Unfortunately there are not a lot of personal training centers especially for expats in Amsterdam. It’s not that they are not welcome in these centers, but the language is a big issue. It’s not easy to provide high quality trainings and to enjoy these trainings when you and your coach are not able to understand one another. Balance4Life Personal Training Center invite all expats in Amsterdam to visit the website.

High quality personal trainings for expats in Amsterdam

Balance4Life has specialized itself in providing personal training to expats in Amsterdam. Because we focus on the expats in Amsterdam more than we focus on the Dutch customers, we created our website in English. Our coaches are well-trained, professional and always ready to help you accomplish your goals. Balance4Life provides high quality personal (core) trainings to expats in Amsterdam without asking you to pay the highest price. We want to make our center a nice place to be for everyone.

Contact us

All expats in Amsterdam are welcome in our personal training center. Please visit our website to discover all the qualities we offer expats in Amsterdam. Do you need more information or free advice?  Don’t hesitate to contact us. Call +31 (0)6 218 256 21 or send an email to info@balance4life.nl. Our coaches are always happy to help you.

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