Personal trainer Amsterdam

Are you looking for a personal trainer in Amsterdam? Please visit the website of the Balance4Life Personal training Center. Our personal trainer in Amsterdam will invite you for an intake meeting and is always willing to offer you the services you need. Whether you want to improve your condition, you need to prepare for an active challenge or just want to change your posture of lose weight, our personal trainer in Amsterdam is always ready to help you accomplish your goals.

Difference between a fitness instructor and a personal trainer in Amsterdam

Some people think it doesn’t matter whether they visit a fitness instructor or a personal trainer in Amsterdam, but there are some important differences. A fitness instructor is someone who puts you on a fitness machine after he explained how it works. When you visit a personal trainer in Amsterdam, you can expect a lot more, like instructions from his own core qualities; athletics, fitness, Pilates and/or yoga. You will have the opportunity to use the services of a coach, personal assistant and personal trainer in Amsterdam in one!

Contact us

Would you like to make an appointment for a intake meeting with a personal trainer in Amsterdam or do you need more information about the services of our personal trainer in Amsterdam? Please contact Balace4Life Personal Training Center by calling +31 (0)6 218 256 21 or send an email to We are located at the Singel 160-Sous in Amsterdam.

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