Personal Training

Personal training is based on a one-on-one training method to achieve the maximum potential of one’s body by providing individual exercises, guidance & instruction.

Balance4Life training comes as a whole package. Often immediate changes in weight, energy level, and appearance can often be seen within the first few sessions. However, a minimum of ten sessions at two or three times a week is required for each client. This is in order to establish what we call a strong “foundation” (a stable, strength and balance throughout your whole body). 
Anything less than this will not give you the maximum results nor teach you the sufficient concepts to maintain your fitness level on your own.

At the first session, a core condition test will be taken to determine what your “foundation” is. This will ensure a safe starting point.

No machines are used the first ten times, only your own body weight. This may seem odd to the average person who wonders how they can get in shape and
gain muscle without the use of weights. Trust us! We guarantee our techniques, will challenge you and give you a whole new level of strength you
may not have ever experienced, no matter how active you have been in the past.
After the first ten sessions, your strong foundation should be established. This is when we are ready to use equipment to do more advanced exercises that are
even more specific to your personal goals, which can be:

  • Runners Track Training
  • Climbing & Ski Training
  • Fat Reducing & Sculpting Training
  • Fit & Core Foundation Training

What is the difference between a fitness instructor and a personal trainer?

A fitness instructor is someone who puts you on a fitness machine and explains how it works.

A personal trainer gives you instructions from his own core qualities: athletics, fitness, Pilates and/or yoga. You will have a coach, a trainer and a personal assistant in one.

Your coach will develop a specialized training program, tailored specifically to your goal(s), schedule and body. He/she will analyze each training session, and even adjust the training during the process if necessary: your mood and energy level are different every day, therefore so should  the training.

What can you expect and how you will be trained?

It does not matter whether you want to loose weight, to improve your condition before an active holiday, prepare for marathon, change your posture, learn salsa or street-dance, you will be helped at B4L.

You will always begin with an intake meeting with your Coach. Your personal goals will be discussed and general condition is evaluated. Based on that, the trainer will give you an indication on schedule of building up the weakest points. On top of your goals the general aim of every training session is to:

  • Increase general energy level and condition
  • Make you stronger and leaner
  • Improve posture and strengthen muscles

Core training is the key for new lifestyle, energy and positivity, youth forever. Balance is 4 Life.

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