A few years ago I visited the San Diego Yoga and Pilates Convention. This was not only for exposing myself to new ideas but also to test my own B4L approach. I discovered that none of the world-famous theories focused on readjustment and combining of strength and energy levels. Not very reasonable, if you ask me: if your energy level is not increasing, how can you keep on going… not only the training but also the daily routines?

I reevaluated 75% of the exercises I learned during the convention and improved on them to achieve my level and goals. Afterwards I presented these exercises to my clients. The results were beyond my expectations. That proved my point: it is possible to improve the ‘good old’ ways.

I have asked a few of my clients to give their comments on B4L Core Dynamics training. You can read their testimonials below. I can only say I am very proud of myself to have completed this journey, resisting the negative criticism of other parties, staying focused and following my path which was sometimes rather lonely. I have believed in myself, that I can do it, and that sooner or later my dedication, professionalism and courage will be noticed. The goal of my life is to give people the health we deserve, nothing more and nothing less. Stay healthy. Core Dynamics.

The motivation for developing my own training method is inspired from working in a hectic environment, the continuous complaints of my clients about lack of energy and concentration. Due to lack of interest from major gyms to do something about this issue I became doubtful of their goals, their methods and training practices. I went back to my roots: martial arts and gymnastics, re-evaluated my energy level, strength and posture and began building of a new training method from scratch. The goal was to reconnect my body with myself, to re-energize to maximum levels and re-create confidence. The results were amazing. I tried this soon after with a client. After a week her strength and energy level boosted to shockingly high levels. This proved my belief that there was something crucial missing in the current fitness concepts. I was convinced and could focus on improving my training approach. Nobody can ever stop me!

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