On this page you can read several testimonials.

Wil Adolfs, 58 years

Approximately 3 years ago, at the age of 55 i was struck with muscle-rheuma. It emerged, so that at a certain point I could not even take the stairs and had to walk with a stick.

I tried physiotherapy, and things got better. After a while I choose to get a personal trainer and started to train with Gee Andries in his gym Balance4Life. Read the rest of this testimonial »

Rachel V.

Working hard playing hard; when you have such a lifestyle you know what happens to you; You start pilling on weight and feel drained quickly. Such is the life I had when living in Hong Kong going to the local fitness club with no enthousiasm and no results… Read the rest of this testimonial »

Martina van Geelen- Kerkhoff

I started going to Balance4life approximately 1.5 years ago.  A friend of mine told me about the core training, Gee the motivating trainer and the small groups where lots of personal attention is given.  I’ve been to many gyms in the past and was slightly skeptical, but decided to give it a try. Read the rest of this testimonial »

Margriet van den Broek

‘Tegenwoordig ben ik weer in Balance4Life’

Gee, Balance4Life, ken ik al jaren… sinds een jaar of 5 sport ik bij Gee en heb ik wekelijks verschillende lessen zoals rockbottom en balance 4 life gevolgd. Ik hou van sporten en Gee heeft en geeft zo’n energie in zijn lessen waardoor je zelf ook heel veel energie krijgt! Read the rest of this testimonial »

Kadri Nieuwmans

About 80% of western people suffer from back and shoulder pain during their life. Some of them are happily recovering, but for most of them there is no cure, even with medical help. These were the famous words of my doctor when I visited him for the first time. 10 years, 4 doctors, 5 fysiotherapists, 2 neurologists, 2 hormonal injections, ergonomical chairs and mattrases, fitness and god knows what else later was I about to give in and admit my doc was right. Pain, random and annoying in the beginning, had conquered my life in full. I could not even lift my hands higher than to the shoulder level. Read the rest of this testimonial »

E.T.P. Slijpen. Software Engineer, Source Amsterdam B.V.

No client memberships, the location and a very inspiring Gee Andries made me join B4Life. After even a few training sessions I was already rewarded with a greatly increased energy level and improved body sculpture. Personal training is personal training with a professional and adapteve yet enjoyable one-on-one training method. B4Life exceeds the mediocrity of any default health or fitness club by far and made me achieve the quality of life I was longing for.

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